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Wrinkles and fine lines can now be addressed quickly and easily. Here at MMC Medical Aesthetics, we offer injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic to minimize these aging signs. Treatments take little time – 10 minutes in some cases – and can yield beautiful results. Schedule an appointment in Fort McMurray, Alberta, today to learn more.

What Are Injectables?

Injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and Xeomin® are distinct from dermal fillers. The difference is that these injectables are made of botulinum toxin. In small doses, this substance temporarily paralyzes targeted wrinkle areas. This paralysis eases tension, smoothing the wrinkles and creating a more youthful appearance.

Is an Injectable Treatment Right for Me?

These treatments are an effective option for addressing a variety of wrinkles on the face. Injectable treatments don’t cause major side effects in most cases. A typical treatment can be done quickly and involves several injections. Afterward, some redness may be experienced. Common wrinkles treated using this method include:

What Can I Expect From the Treatment?

A typical injection process takes as little as 10 minutes to perform. Afterward, results can be seen within 24-48 hours after your visit. Bruising and redness may occur after the injections, but this is typically mild. In most cases, the best results can be seen 30 days after the injections. You will notice smoother, less wrinkled skin during that period.

Before and After Photos

Schedule Treatments With Injectables in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Wrinkles and fine lines can be treated effectively using injectables. We proudly offer injectables for treating facial wrinkles here at our Fort McMurray, Alberta office. To learn more about our options and get started, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at (587) 536-1247. We look forward to meeting you!