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The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles isn’t exactly exciting. But, finding an effective anti-aging treatment is often a piece of cake, especially here at MMC Medical Aesthetics. We offer injectable treatments for lipstick lines and other wrinkle areas to help you regain your smooth, youthful skin. Schedule a consultation at our Fort McMurray, Alberta office to learn more.

What Causes Lipstick Lines?

Also referred to as “smoker’s lines,” lipstick lines are those vertical creases that appear on your upper lip. These lines are typically the last to begin appearing on your face. Some people believe that using straws and smoking cigarettes causes these lines to appear. However, the real reason comes down to aging. As your body produces less collagen, the appearance of these and other wrinkles can be expected.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic were created to effectively relieve lipstick lines and other wrinkles. This popular injectable treatment features a combination of botulinum toxin and lidocaine to minimize discomfort and maximize results. This injectable and others like it are minimally invasive and can be administered in little time. Best of all, no downtime is needed after treatment.

What to Expect?

The procedure is quick – in and out. When you arrive for your treatment, we will evaluate your skin and determine if our injectables are the best option. If so, the procedure will take only 10 minutes. You should see some results after 24-48 hours, but it typically takes 30 days to get the most out of your injections. Follow-up treatments can be scheduled to maintain results.

Reduce Lipstick Lines in Fort McMurray, Alberta

If you have lipstick lines and other wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be an excellent treatment option. These injections can be performed in little time and can offer long-lasting results. Schedule your consultation by filling out the form below, or give us a call at (587) 536-1247 to learn more about this treatment option.