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Frequent red, irritated skin may be a sign of rosacea. If you have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with this issue, we can help. Our Xeo® Skin Revitalization treatments are an excellent option for easing these symptoms and improving the look of your skin. If you’re interested in this treatment, get in touch with our team at MMC Medical Aesthetics today.

What Causes Rosacea?

Rosacea is an enigmatic condition. This issue appears to occur when our immune systems are altered due to an overproduction of a cathelicidin peptide protein. When a lot of this protein is made, skin redness and inflammation are soon to follow. This immune response can be triggered by genetic, environmental, or a combination of both factors. Since it has so many triggers, it’s hard to identify one source of rosacea flare-ups.
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What Are the Treatment Options?

The Xeo® laser relies on infrared light to promote deep skin healing. This system comes with several attachments, each designed to address a particular issue. When you arrive for your consultation, we will take some time to evaluate your skin and determine the best option. Afterward, we will set up a treatment protocol and schedule your visits to ensure you get the best outcome at a pace that fits your needs.

What to Expect?

A treatment session with Xeo® involves the application of a handpiece against your skin. As we glide the handpiece along the skin’s surface, you may experience warmth and a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping. These sensations are generally well-tolerated by patients. Treatments often take less than an hour and require little to no downtime afterward.

Schedule Treatments for Rosacea in Fort McMurray, Alberta

A rosacea flare-up can be troubling and difficult to deal with. Our Xeo® treatment offers an optimal solution, improving the appearance of your skin both on the surface and from the inside out. Learn more about this treatment today by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (587) 536-1247.